Monday, March 3, 2014


another great week here in wyoming!! we are teaching so much it is crazy!! we have no time to find, so no crazy finding stories haha. we are fasting and praying for some of our investigators to start progressing a little more rapidly, but quite a few of them are doing very well. count your many blessings you know??

sara shati came to church again this week. she is doing pretty well. chitra magar (another nepali) was supposed to be baptized this saturday, but for various reasons we pushed it to the 15th. hopefully once the nepalis see one of their countrymen get baptized it'll open the floodgates and they will all come into the church! we could start a branch with them all out here haha no joke!!

one of our newer investigators, autumn, came to church as well with her newborn baby. she is doing quite well. she understands everything we teach before we teach it and feels that everything we have taught her is the truth. we have a few hurdles to overcome with her before we baptize her, but she is great!
This is what can happen when you haven't played
basketball for a VERY long time and then get to and
get a little over zealous!!!
sorry i dont have a ton of time, but i did want to express this idea. one of the recent converts here went to a mega church yesterday to hear a famous televangelist preach. afterward we asked her what she thought of the preaching. she said it was good, the speaker talked about being positive, happy, getting the devil off your back, and not being stressed. but she said that it was weird, cuz the speaker never talked about HOW to do those things; you cant just start feeling that way all of a sudden. this is SOOO important. in our world today, nobody wants to hear about rules and commandments. everyone is looking to get something for nothing, especially when it comes to their eternal salvation. the attitude in some places is, "i want to attend church with my family, but i dont want to go for 3 hours. i want to attend church with my family, but i dont want to have a calling. " or even more pernicious, "i want to be saved. i want to have a relationship with my Heavenly Father. I want to inherit all He has promised, but I dont want to keep my end of the deal. I dont want to repent. I dont want to change. I dont want to keep the commandments." we can talk forever about how to be happy and how to get the devil out of your life, but we cannot actually feel that way or do those things until we are keeping the commandments. alma 41:10 states that wickedness NEVER WAS (nor will it ever be) happiness. (i love that he quoted this scripture because it was one of my mom's all-time favorites and i can't tell you how many times she quoted it to us growing up!) we cannot disregard the commandments, and ask God for peace. That is like skydiving without a parachute and hoping to land safe and sound. God gives commandments so that He has a reason to bless us! so keep them! the more commandments we live, the more we will be blessed! thus we should rejoice at being able to live the word of wisdom, the law of chastity, the law of tithing, etc! isnt that incredible! God loves us enough to help us be happy. He tells us what to do, what to avoid, and He will even reward us for doing so. I hope that was clear and that everyone got something from that.

have a great week!

elder green

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