Monday, March 24, 2014


hey everybody! another great week in wyoming! great news, elder pena and i are staying together! we are having a ton of fun and there are great things going on here! we are busy today so i dont have much time! but we are getting a third companion for this transfer today named elder bagley! (Could he be any relation Andie?!!! Of course no info on where he's from or anything else.) this is gonna be a great transfer!

we had awesome lessons this week with jontay and gary. they are both doing really well and progressing nicely. it is so cool to see younger people accepting the gospel and families accepting the gospel. because you can see the future ramifications of this decision! they will raise righteous posterity in the true church because of the decisions they are making right now! so cool! 
Parker's planner had been missing for a couple of weeks and Sis. Pawson kept saying it'll show up when the snow melts.
Well some snow melted, and there it was in their front yard completely destroyed!
One thing that has been on my mind a lot this week is how much the things we decide to do daily affect our eternal lives. of course not every decision will change eternity, but often things that we do not think about play a role in how our life turns out and if we will return to live with God again. For example, the clothes we choose to wear, who we spend our time with, and most importantly, if we choose to repent or not. The Savior, when He first appeared to the Nephites told them that if they would repent, He would gather them and forgive them. Sometimes we complicate the Gospel. It is that SIMPLE: repent. Repentance and change IS the plan of salvation our Heavenly Father has given us. When we read the scriptures, go to church, and say our prayers, the Spirit shows us how we can change our lives to become more like the Savior and thereby find the fullest measure of peace and comfort. As we repent, we change ourselves to become more like Christ. we leave behind habits, activities, and choices that have previously brought us sorrow, heartache, and taken us further from God and where we want to be eternally. This is what we must do each day: read the scriptures, say our prayers, and then try our best to try and live more like Jesus Christ. As we try our best to change and become better, we are repenting. that is the essence of repentance. i encourage everyone to look inward and see what they can do to become more like Christ. 

Have a great week!

Elder Green

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