Monday, March 10, 2014


Another splendid week out here in Wyoming! it got warm for like two days and it was soo nice!! itll get cold again next week though haha.

So this week Chitra was going to bring a friend to church and get baptized. but he got sick, missed church, so has to get baptized a week later! i despise when things like that happen, but that is ok. (can we all agree that Parker needs to calm down here?!?, haha) sarashati came to church again this week. she is soo awesome. we are about to have the busiest week ever. we have been setting appointments with everyone and calling former investigators and things and it should be a great week.

this past week was the annual ward chili and pie cook off. it was great! there were so many people there and it was a really good time! the missionaries get to judge the pie eating contest too, so that is really cool! haha we had a great time eating a lot of pie.

dont have a ton of time, we have to prepare to help with the half-mission training on tuesday, but one quick miracle from the week. the bishop’s daughter’s friend, Jontay, who had been coming to church and things, hadnt been able to meet with us because he is very busy with being the lead role in his high school’s musical. He is awesome and was progressing so well, so it has been frustrating not to be able to meet with him and things. but this past sunday he came to church. and the lesson in gospel principles was about the restoration. it was awesome. everyone's comments were great and it was very clear. we hadnt had a chance to teach Jontay the restoration lesson yet because we couldnt meet with him, so it was his first time hearing it. afterward in Elder's Quorum, i asked him if he had any questions about what we just talked about, and he said "no, it all came together for me" which it did, the lesson came full circle to what he had had questions about before. he said, "it all made perfect sense. and now i know its all true." what?? soo sweet!! we will be meeting with him tomorrow after school and helping him continue to progress. that was such a great experience!

one quick thought. wouldnt it be great if we could control how we feel all the time? the thing is, we can. the secret lies in our thoughts. do you feel cruddy? what are you thinking about? i guarantee it isn't uplifting. If in our minds we constantly rehash the past, doubt ourselves, and think negative thoughts, then our future will become hopeless to us. isnt that so interesting? what you think is ultimately what you become. often times our thoughts are determined by things that happen to us. if we allow our circumstances to determine our thoughts, we are being acted upon and not acting. if something negative happens to us, it is our choice to change our thoughts, thereby changing our feelings and eventually our actions that stem from that initial negative event. when in doubt, think of the Savior. think of His teachings. these thoughts will always bring the Spirit of God with them. we cannot always force ourselves to have faith, but we can calmly resist the tendency to doubt. patience is the evidence of faith, just as impatience is the evidence of doubt. clear thinking and positivity are gifts you cannot give yourself. they come as a gift from God by remembering to make allowances for those around us (ourselves included). work on this! it takes effort! it is not easy but it is worth it!

love you all,

elder green

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