Monday, March 17, 2014


another great week here in wyoming! 

we got to teach jontay the restoration and the plan of salvation this week. he loved both of them and said they made so much sense! he agreed to be baptized on april 12th! we would have set the date sooner, but we can only meet with him a few times cuz he is so busy with his school musical. and the next week is general conference. but he is great! he read the BoM and it totally answered his questions. he was even bible bashing with his mom a little about it! haha I guess i shouldnt be happy about that...? 

anyway, things have been good! we had a half mission training this past week that elder pena and i presented at and it went well. those trainings are always spectacular. i finally saw elder devan peterson! after 9 and a half months!! haha we were so stoked to see each other and it was a great reunion! 
Bingham Baseball Buds Reunited!
I went on my last companion exchange of the transfer with elder wright (used to be my zone leader when i was in kalkaska and he was in traverse). it is his last week in the mission field this week! so its way cool i got to go with him as his zone leader and him being a district leader in this zone. it was great to talk with him about his mission and things. what a unique experience. 

one thought from the week. president hess is such an inspired and great teacher. he taught at half mission a little about how we can only use our agency in the present! we cannot use our agency in the past or in the future. we can plan for the future, but we still must act today! think of how many problems would be eliminated in our lives if we correctly understood that principle. we would all live each day more fully and let go of things we couldnt control. we would not be worried about the future because we would understand that right now is the only time we can choose to act in. i thought that was so profound and that will be something i am working on for the next few weeks! try to live that way as well with that as your mindset. we can only choose what to think, say and do in this moment, not in the past nor in the future. think about it. i wish i had more to say here, but it is still a developing idea in my own mind.

also one more miracle! we went with the stake president yesterday to do his home teaching. he home teaches a part member family named the strong's. sister strong is from london and has the BOSSEST accent haha. but as we spoke with her wonderful family yesterday, we ended up talking about the temple and how families can be together forever. no other church believes that. that is actually something people use as anti-mormon literature! haha that we believe our families can be together! crazy huh? but anyway, we are going to begin teaching brother strong and their children. they are a great family. the cool thing about the temple is we want EVERYONE to enter. but in order to be in the presence of the Lord, you need to be clean. just as you would need to shower and get ready to go to a fancy occasion, it is the same with entering the Lord's House. we need to repent, get clean, and be spiritually ready to enter! i pray that everyone will do what it takes to have their family and marriage be eternal through the power of God! wish i had more time to elaborate on this idea!

have a great week! love you all,

elder green

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