Monday, February 24, 2014


Awesome week! again, not a ton of time!  but we got to go to the temple on saturday with someone elder pena baptized a year ago!  it was my nine-month mission birthday, so perfect timing! wayy cool!!  soo special to be at the temple again! picture to follow.
How about you jump in the picture Parker so
Mommy can see you!!! haha

great week again.  we have some people we are teaching that i am really excited about. we are seeing one of them tonight.  her name is amber and she is the friend of a girl in the ward here.  she is very religious and loves Christ.  she sincerely wants to know if what we teach is true, so we are talking more about joseph smith with her tonight and it’ll be great.

i wish i had time to update you on all of our investigators but i just dont!  one cool experience this week: shara shati (the woman from Nepal whose whole family is sort of investigating) was very sick.  she was suffering from a heart condition and was laying down and having trouble breathing.  they called sister pawson to have elders come and give her a blessing.  so we said a prayer before giving the blessing, and shara shati calmed down a little bit.  she was asleep through this whole incident so the Spirit was working on her to calm her down.  as she got the blessing, her breathing stabilized and she stopped convulsing and things. S he was perfectly fine.  moments later she woke up and was surprised to see us there.  but how incredible!!  the priesthood is real and God is working in our lives.

something cool that Joseph Smith taught was that God has orchestrated this whole plan for our happiness.  so He will literally NEVER give us any commandment or ask us to do anything that is not designed to assure our ultimate happiness.  it is soo true!!  if we lived all the commandments perfectly, life would not be perfect, but we would be filled with peace and joy. D&C 59:23 if we do what God asks, we will receive peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come.

there are miracles happening all the time out here.  wish i had more time to record all of them!  but just know that they are happening, and they happen because people follow the Spirit!  so you do the same thing!  do what God would have you do.  then all things will work together for your good!

have a great week!

elder green 

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