Monday, February 17, 2014


i dont have a ton of time!! but things have been great here!! elder pena is great and we get along very well. there are a lot of missionaries in our ward and a lot of missionaries that meet in the Spanish branch that also meets in our building, so that is new for me.

We are teaching soo many foreign people right now it is CRAZY. everyone we are teaching is from africa or from nepal haha it is crazy. soo many nepali families and we just keep being blessed to find them! the issue is they do not speak english well in most cases, so we use a translator. but it is soo cool because they are just soo loving and soo humble and ready to accept the gospel. they all love Jesus and are awesome people, even though they can hardly understand us haha.

we also get to go to the temple saturday i think!! because someone elder pena baptized while he was serving as a spanish elder is going to the temple! so that is really exciting! we also have zone conference wednesday so im excited for that as well.

the members here are great. one family, the pawson's, do sooo much for us. they are incredible missionaries and fantastic people. we have a blast with them.

something that has been on my mind this week is how much God loves each of us. it is soo cool to hear other people pray and learn the gospel in a language that i do not speak. because God still hears their prayers and understands what they need. He truly is omnipotent and omniscient. never forget that God loves us! it is His work and His glory to bring about our eternal life! Joseph Smith taught that unless we understand God and His attributes we cannot have faith in Him! some of those attributes include His love, His absolute willingness to forgive us, His patience, His long-suffering toward the children of men, and the fact that He is just. He must bless us if we do right. He has no choice! So do what is right, let the consequence follow! Battle for freedom in Spirit and might. And with stout hearts look ye forth to tomorrow, God will protect you, so do what is right

i may have modified some of the words to that hymn, but you get the point! have a great week!  

elder green

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