Monday, February 10, 2014


Check out how high the snowbank is around
the sign. It's up to Parker's head!!!
I don't think they need to worry about anyone parking there!

what a great week! i dont have a lot of time! so i will have to be short! but i got transferred to grand rapids zone, wyoming area to be a zone leader with elder pena! i am very excited, but i will definitely miss kalkaska. 
At the Hildebrands, saying goodbye
Branch Mission President Hoover and his sweet wife.
They have been so good to Parker and us!!!

Parker is looking really tall in this pic
ryen's baptism was wonderful! it was a great service! she is so awesome!
Love this picture! Ryen's so cute!!!
We were blessed to have some people attend church this week! one of them, paul, is a MIRACLE. i wish i had enough time to relate his whole story, but short of it is he has had associations (marriages and dating) with mormons his whole life and has hated the church. but he was at ryen's house once while we were teaching her and the Spirit told him he needed to listen and to change. he had a MASSIVE change of heart and wants to be baptized. he came to church yesterday and was SO FOCUSED for 3 hours. seriously, just zoned in on whoever was speaking. he left yesterday saying that he knew joseph smith was a prophet cuz of coming to church. soo cool!! that was incredible! he will be taught on wed and will be baptized as soon as these elders can work it out! 
The District plus the Zone Leaders
oh small info i forgot to throw in there! guess who is coming to replace me?? elder stevenson!!! my trainer!!! soo cool!! i am so excited for him.

If it weren't for God being perfect and perfectly trustworthy, we could not have faith. we must understand who God is and what He is like in order to have faith. He is loving, forgiving, caring, long-suffering, patient and He will work with us as long as we will work with Him. Remember that, and have faith in the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It is the single most important act that has ever taken place in the history of time. Try to be more like Christ. and when you fall short, repent and try again. Have faith that God loves you infinitely more than you know and that He has more in store for you than what you see right now.

well i better go try and fit a ton of stuff into my suitcases haha im pretty pathetic, but i think i can pull it off... anyway, Have a great week! 

Elder Green 

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