Monday, December 2, 2013


Bro. and Sis. Hoover.  Oh how I love the people
who look after Parker!!!

what an awesome week!! we have been so extremely blessed here in Kalkaska!! thanksgiving was great!! i ate so much im still full haha. no jk, im full cuz i ate 6 pieces of pizza for lunch just barely. anyways...

as i said this week was incredible. it started off with us going over to sue's for dinner. sue is a single woman in her late 40's who came to church two weeks ago with some members of the branch. we went to dinner with bro hoover and her friends who brought her to church (the robinsons). dinner was great. she had this cat, it was a Maine Coon and it was HUGE. soo cool. anyways, we talked to her about the Restoration and she enjoyed it. We found out later in the week she would be at church sunday. then yesterday at church, she was loving gospel principles class. after it was over she turned to bro robinson and said i love this church! ive learned more here in two weeks than i had the rest of my life before now! she is awesome. we are going to dinner with her again tomorrow. hopefully we will be able to begin meeting with her more frequently and get her baptized.

speaking of baptisms, we have quite a few of them coming up which is sooo incredible! kristin (the catholic lady who was ultra prepared by the Lord for us coming by) is doing amazing. she came to church for the first time yesterday and loved it. she reads  a ton so she has already read tons of the bom and 50 pages in the teachings of lorenzo snow book since yesterday haha then she came to dinner at a members with us last night and is having us over for dinner tonight. she took the sacrament as well (which as a catholic is heresy to take anyone elses sacrament) so it was a point of no return for her! she said she was ready to accept the truth though. she just is such a boss! she loves everything we are teaching her and is soo prepared. what an amazing blessing to have been able to meet her! she was inviting everyone to her baptism yesterday at church (including sue). 

the drahers are still doing well. we are going over there twice this week and they are very excited for their baptism as well. they are great people. so humble and so awesome. they were obviously another miracle to find! 

karla and steve are doing great. steve quit coffee, alcohol, and smoking and has now attened church for 2 weeks in Gaylord. another miracle? our branch pres, president thomas, has been swamped at work cuz they cant find anyone to fill this spot. it has a ton of special requirements that the person has to be certified to do. well guess what. steve fit the mold perfectly and was looking for a new job. so he had an interview last week and hopefully all will go well there so he no longer has to work on sunday. the Lord works in wonderful ways! 

the church is way true! 

also this week, this sweet old lady we had met with a few times invited us to catholic mass! (after i hinted very strongly that i wanted to go!! haha) so we went and it was awesome! it was soo different. very interesting! the most interesting part was that their reading for the day was isaiah chapter 2. that is the chapter where isaiah prophesies that in the last days, the Lord's temples shall be built in the mountains (utah) and all nations shall flow unto it. but they just thought it was a cool thought, not as a prophesy that had been fulfilled. so grateful for this church, for the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Dovenants and the Pearl of Great Price. they make it all soo clear. 

love you all! have a great week! 

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