Monday, December 23, 2013


Hey everyone! merry christmas!!
Classy Kalkaska Christmas!!!
(Who's he supposed to be Harry Potter?!)
another great week here in kalkaska. all our recent converts are doing wonderful and continue to grow in the gospel!! Steve got the job with President Thomas' company. that is crazy in itself! steve said he wouldnt get baptized till the new year when he had a new job the first time we met him. now he is baptized and has a new job!! so cool!! he and karla will be able to attend church together starting the first week of the new year.

kristin is doing great. she loves learning and reading and has developed friendships and relationships with so many members of the branch. everyone loves her.

the drahers are doing wonderfully as well. deborah is progressing towards a baptismal date in january and is doing great. they also invited us over for lunch on christmas to eat with them and carls sister. they are great.

we went to sue's house (the referral from the robinsons) this week to see how she has been doing since her car wreck. she hadnt been at church because of that and things. we did some service for her and she is the best. she was at church yesterday and just loves learning about the gospel and always has the greatest questions. its only a matter of time for her as well.

we had some crazy experiences this week, one of which i will share here. we had called these former investigators about meeting with them and they invited us over for dinner. five weeks ago. we had to reschedule for the next week. well, we had to keep rescheduling until we finally just said no. but the guy kept telling us come hungry and come with an open mind, cuz he is pagan. anyways, we door knocked into his wife this week and we decided we would come back over this weekend. so we dropped in on saturday and met them. they were very nice. and the husband pagan guy, andrew, loves video games. he took us to his downstairs collection, and OH MY GOODNESS. i took pictures dont worry. but it was incredible!! so we sat down there and talked about religion haha. he had some interesting views, but he was a nice guy and invited us back.

everyone here in michigan is ALL ABOUT being self sufficient. nobody trusts the food that people grow and sell to us so they all talk about it like every time we see them haha maybe that is something the Lord wanted me to learn? that i need to grow all my own food and live in a secluded area to avoid the impending downfall of our nation's food supply? anywayss.... seriously that is all anyone ever wants to talk about. so we always talk to people about how the Church is all about that! haha super weird and funny.

remember! Christ is always looking to gather us together, it is our choice if we will allow Him to heal us and put our lives in order or if we will choose to not repent! 3 Ne 10! this Christmas season, give our Heavenly Father the gift of repentance and a resolution to do better! Doctrine and Covenants 18: 13 "And how great is his joy in the soul that repenteth!"
Presents from their Branch Mission Leader, Bro. Hoover! 
love you all!! merry christmas!!

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