Monday, December 16, 2013


Parker titled his email "White Christmas" 
I didn't know this was the kind he meant!
Brought a tear to my eye. 
What a great week!! our hard work over the past few weeks all came together this last Saturday and Sunday! Karla and Steve Hildebrand, Carl and Dana Draher, and Kristin Goddard were all baptized by the Priesthood Authority of God this weekend! it was an awesome couple of days never to be forgotten! 

so half mission training was on friday and that was great as well! we were trained, had lunch, played some games, and then played gospel-related jeopardy, which was a great time as well! i got to see some really close friends of mine and it was a blast! 
Still goofy!

this saturday elder norton and i spent our day at the church filling the font haha then we had a potential investigator meet us there for our first lesson. her name is danielle and she is awesome. it was definitely powerful teaching an investigator while the font was filling up. it just served as background noise subliminally telling her the whole time that she needed to be baptized haha but she had the best questions. she said things like, "i feel like Christ came and He set up one way. and now there are so many churches... my question is... what happened to what Christ set up?" im like.. uhh... that is all we talk to people about. haah so it was perfect. she is now on date to be baptized in january. 

after that, we got dressed in our whites and prepared for the baptism. everyone started showing up and we got some great pictures. the service was great. there were quite a few people there. elder norton first baptized karla (who had to be dunked 3 times cuz of incomplete immersion), and then he baptized Steve. after that, i had the pleasure of baptizing Dana Draher, Carl Draher, and Kristin Goddard. it was a great day. They were all so prepared and are the best recent converts. we have seen them each since and they are just alive with the light of the gospel. I also had the pleasure of confirming Kristin, Steve and Karla. P.S. it looks like Steve is going to end up getting the job with president Thomas' place! pretty crazy that all worked out!!

how beautiful it is though that so many people were baptized into the Kingdom of God. This branch is catching fire and they are all getting involved in the missionary work. we have been finding some really prepared and incredible people, who will be taught by us and our recent converts. it is going to be a great next few weeks as well. even though its freezing. and never stops snowing. im not complaining. im just saying. 
Branch Mission Leader, Bro. Hoover, who called me a few weeks ago :)

Missionaries and their poses!
next we had the xmas party right after the baptisms. it was a great party and everyone had a good time! all the recent converts fit right in and it was an awesome night. we had more people at the party this year than ever before in this branch, many of which were non-members. things are just great here.

not really sure what else to say.. i always have so many thoughts of what to include at this point in my emails home throughout the week, and then i get here and just lose all of them... haha sorry! President Hess always talks about how there is no reason to be discouraged and no reason to ever be an angry person. what good does that do you? who likes angry people? who likes complainers? so instead of choosing anger or fear or doubt, choose to have faith in Jesus Christ. He never fails us. His promises are real. He never lies. He knows you better than you do.
Parker's stocking we sent him
anyways, there’s my thought! love you all! have a great week! make someone’s burden lighter this week! 

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