Monday, December 9, 2013


hey everyone! another great week! D and C 121 34: many are cold, but few are frozen (Kalkaska) haha im lame. anyways....

so this week was awesome! Elder Stolp (from traverse) and i went in to teach Kristin the Plan of Salvation on tuesday. and she is holding her coffee (she drinks 4 pots a day) and she starts telling us how she told her doctor she had been meeting with missionaries. her doctor tells her that missionaries will make her stop drinking coffee cuz they dont believe in caffeine. she laughs hysterically as she tells us this and says, "thank goodness you guys arent that church!" umm... haha i replied actually.... we dont believe in drinking coffee. haha needless to say, a word of wisdom lesson ensued. she dumped out all her coffee right then! and she hasnt had any since!! she is doing great!! 

Karla has been sick for a week so we havent been able to see her... thats been stressful but im sure she is doing alright spiritually. Steve is still going to church in Gaylord and is getting closer and closer to getting a job with President Thomas' company! soo cool!! 

the Draher's are still doing great. we taught Deborah (the daughter) separately this week to help her along her own path and it went really well!! she will want to be baptized soon, its just a matter of time! carl and dana are both so excited about their baptism and cant wait to be able to be sealed together for time and all eternity! that’ll be soo awesome!! 

this saturday should be an awesome day!! this week will be mega busy with 2 trade offs, baptismal interviews, and half mission training/christmas party on friday!! itll be great! 

yesterday we had a meeting to plan out our branch mission plan. brother hoover is a total boss, so it was the coolest meeting ever! we talked a lot about the parable of the talents, and this is what i want to include in this email. at the end of the parable, the master takes the slothful servants one talent and gives it to the one who had 10. why not the guy who had 5? why not try to make them even? well, because the guy who had 10 had been faithful with more, so the master trusted him with more. we need to be those kind of people. the kind of people the Lord can depend on. when he has someone who needs a helping hand, are we the kind of people that the Lord feels comfortable pointing that struggling person to us? can the Lord depend on us when others fail to do their duty? we are all given jobs in life (being parents, home teachers, etc.) those are like the talents the master gave. are we burying our talents (responsibilities) or are we making the most of them and then taking on more. if we are the type of people that are dependable, we should never complain about the Lord giving us more to do, because that is a token of His trust. 

love you all! have a great week! 

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