Monday, November 25, 2013


what a great week!! working on MSU campus while waiting to pick up my boy was great! elder adams and elder elwood were my temporary companions. they were both from the salt lake valley, so we were calling ourselves "pure-breads" haha. the stuff you joke about as a missionary... anyways... we met some really cool people on campus. it is weird cuz you just kinda ambush people haha. we started talking to this one girl, and she kinda freaked out. the conversation went something like this.

me "hey hows it going!"
her "who are you?! 
me "we're missionaries!"
her "why are you stopping me?!" 
me "we wanted to talk to you and get to know you!"
her "why? who am i?!"
elder adams "yeah, we are missionaries and we-"
her "gotta go! goodbye!!"

haha it was super strange. anyways. got some nice pictures from that.
Ice cream shop on Campus
MSU Stadium
my new boy is elder norton. he is from kearns, UT! he graduated the same year i did and is gonna be great. we are doing some awesome stuff and are just being so blessed up here! 

it hasnt stopped snowing in pert-near ('Gander for "just about") 3 days! they had to cancel church on sunday cuz it had snowed so much! haha its crazy. and its freezing.

Parker said this is his new album cover straight outta Lansing!

we had a boss lesson with the drahers the second day elder norton was here. the Spirit was palpable in there and they definitely felt it. But they were still hesitant about baptism. after we left, i KNEW they would talk about what just happened and that they would commit to baptism. we called them 2 days later to tell them church was cancelled, and they told us they had talked and decided they wanted to be baptized! so they are now on date for dec 14. they are amazing and the Lord has blessed us soo much in this work! 

I dont have much time, sorry! but i am so grateful to be out here and sharing the most important message these people will ever hear. let’s all be grateful for what we have, but patiently seek that which will make us better and draw us closer to our Heavenly Father and Savior. "only the gospel will bring peace and happiness in this life, and eternal life in the world to come." that is from elder maxwell i think? 

i am so thankful for the influence you all have had on my life!!

happy thanksgiving!

elder green

Thought this was another Sunset but it's actually a Sunrise!
Elders Adams and Elwood


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