Monday, November 11, 2013


another great week here in kalkaska!! and they werent joking about the snow haha.

we woke up this morning, no snow on the ground. now there is like 2 inches. it is nuts. luckily all my winter gear is legit and we have a jeep! haha 
It Begins!!!
things were awesome this week. we taught Karla the Stop Smoking Program with the Shafers (the people who made us the halloween lunch). they were both smokers before in their lives. karla and her husband steve were excited and it was an awesome lesson. but then karla got sick and couldnt come to church. she has been doing great things and we will hopefully be able to get her baptized in the next few weeks.

the draher's were at church again this week. we taught them the restoration last week and they loved it. they wanted to know more about joseph smith, so we gave them a prophet of the restoration dvd to borrow. they watched the whole thing and loved it haha. they wanna discuss the movie over lunch tomorrow, which will be awesome. i have seen that movie so many times that if they have any questions i can probably re-enact the scene for them and quote every line haha. missionary life gets pretty weird sometimes with the stuff you memorize cuz you have nothing else haha.

bob has been reading a lot in the BoM and is doing great as well. He had the flu the other day, so elder boswell and i went over with branch president thomas and gave him a blessing. he was fine the next day! soo amazing how the priesthood works. 

the more i learn, the more it amazes me that everyone isnt already members of this church. if you believe in God, and you believe in Jesus Christ, then this is the ONLY answer that makes sense. not to say other religions dont have great people, in many cases better than some Latter Day Saints, but it is the only true and living church on the face of the earth. the BoM is SO necessary in today's world. 

i saw a couple cool quotes out here that i liked this week. one of them comes from a sign for the People's Church ( a big non-denominational church in town). it said, "every setback is a set up for a comeback." really liked that. so true. you can either let set backs get you down, or use it as motivation to make your story even greater when you succeed. 

Richard G Scott: if you want to reach goals never before achieved, you need to do things you have never done. 

how cool is that! and how often do we forget that! if we want to change our lives, then dont do the same things over and over and hope something different will happen!! 

not really sure what else to say... i feel like soo much happens every week but that i can never remember it when i sit down to type it out haha sorry. 

God answers our prayers. It may be in His way, and on His timetable, but He knows what we want. More importantly, however, He knows what we NEED. 3 Nephi 14: 9-11. In the eternal scheme of things, we will see that each of our prayers was answered, and that all that happened truly was meant for our best benefit. but it will be what we make of what happened in life that determines where we stay for eternity. 

love you all!! have a great week!

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