Monday, November 18, 2013


A baptism in Traverse City. Parker had helped teach her and so he and Elder Boswell took some investigators and went to her baptism. The other Elders are Parker's Zone Leaders.
what an awesome week! we had half-mission training this week and elder Golden from the 70 was there to train us. it was INCREDIBLE. he was amazing and i feel like it changed my life! haha it was soo cool!!! i wish i could write everything he said!! but just a few things that he said that i really liked that i feel i should share now:

he talked about how we should never worry in life. "Today is the first day of your life. Don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow." that was something he spoke a lot about. 

he also talked a lot about not beating yourself up. he kept calling it a "futile exercise" in his awesome south african accent haha. but its so true. he was talking about how those feelings all come from Satan. he said it is normal to feel inadequate. if you feel adequate all the time, something's wrong with you haha. he spoke about having "divine discontent." it means you are discontent in the way that God would be, like wanting to improve, but also having patience with yourself. to me it means you can be pleased with the work you have done and the improvements you have made, but you should never be satisfied. always striving for something better. 

anyways, his training was incredible and life-changing. the rest of the week was great. its been snowing like CRAZY here and dumping buckets of rain as well. yesterday there were some tornado warnings and we were getting drenched just walking from the car to our appointments haha. but church yesterday was the primary program and i got to speak in it too. there are like 6 primary kids here haha so it was kind of different, but i loved it anyways. we had a lot of investigators there and also a few non-members who were brought by members of the branch that we will hopefully begin teaching this week! it was awesome! we also had our thanksgiving themed potluck after church and that was delicious! but i tell ya what, that tryptophan will kill you haha. 

Parker said this is straight up how they dress when they door knock in the winter, haha. He said he looks like he is from Rainbow Six!
Serious Snow Storm

we got our transfer calls on friday as well. elder boswell will be going to ludington and i will be training a new missionary. so tomorrow at 5 AM we head for Lansing. I will be working on MSU campus for 2 days until i pick up my new boy on thursday. usually there are like 20 plus new missionaries coming in, but since we have reached our max capacity, there are only like 2! so its usually this giant party there but not this time! haha itll be interesting to see what its like! i am sad i wont be in kalkaska for a few days though and the work will just totally stop here for a few days... 

we had to push karla's baptism date back, because her husband steve (who we met originally) wants to be baptized on the same day she is! so he quit drinking this weekend, they both quit smoking a week ago, and now they just gotta keep coming to church! we have seen so many miracles. if we can keep working hard here, we can continue to be blessed and see amazing things happen in Kalkaska!

A lake in someone's backyard. Lakes like this are everywhere!

Parker loves his Michigan scenery!!!

i feel like i always have so much to say before i come to the computer then i forget it all. haha i guess my thought for the week is, are we the kind of people that change a situation, or are we the kind of people that are changed by our situations? because that is really what life is as a whole. it is how we respond to the situations we are put in. whenever something negative happens, do you respond by being bitter, or by getting better? just something to think about!

ps this week the deer hunt started here. its bigger than christmas haha deer are running everywhere and you see like 10 deer dead on the highway every day. it is nuts!! they have big ole buck poles in every town and it is crazy!! haha totally in gander country!!  

love you all! 

elder green 

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