Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I received a text with this pic Sunday. 
This is Amanda Rogers Voyles who went to Bingham 
and played on the tennis team.  She and her husband 
are in Parker's ward and had him over for dinner! 
What a small, small world!!!
hey everyone!! what an awesome week! there is nothing quite like being a missionary! 

we were blessed to find some awesome new investigators this week! we are still looking for a family to teach and baptize. that is our ultimate goal. kevin is doing alright. every lesson with him is a real battle haha but then the spirit hits him and he calms down. julie is doing well, hopefully she will be at church this weekend. 

i have done a terrible job talking about my mission and where i am serving in these emails so i really am sorry about that! yesterday for labor day we had a lot of the elders from the zone get together at the lansing stake center and we had a bbq and played bball for about 5 hours. it was awesome!! haha such a great day. pictures to come next week. 
Mission Leadership Conference
What a happy group :)
here is a miracle that i just found out about today from elder williams (my comp in wyoming who is still serving there). remember those 4 pages of referrals we got from a former missionary when i was in wyoming? well, one of the people we found from those papers was named hawa. hawa is a woman from sierre leone. she used to be muslim but converted to christianity. she is  a single mother with 4 little african children. she was really nice, but was never a big fan of what we taught because she got anti'd by her other church when she told them she was meeting with us. we did service for her a few times and softened her heart. well anyway, i got transferred and she was still learning, but not super interested. elder williams continued to teach her. a member named vincent moved into the wyoming ward. he was from sierre leon. he had just moved from new jersey where he had joined the church a few months back. he had studied with 7th day adventists for 22 years and never felt it was true. he met the elders and was baptized 3 weeks later. well anyway, they took vincent to hawa's next lesson. hawa wasnt there. they called her. she said she would be there in a few minutes. she later told the elders that she almost told them right then to leave and just not come back cuz she didnt want to learn anymore. but something stopped her. when she arrived she got out of the car and saw vincent. "vincent??!!" she says. "Hawa?!" says vincent. turns out, vincent is her brother-in -law who she hadnt seen in years. they taught her, vincent testified of everything, and now hawa is going to get baptized. she loves the bom and her children love church. what??!! isnt that crazy?? that shows that this is God's work. that is incredible!! 

we have had miracles here too. we are teaching some wonderful people. i love learning more and more from the scriptures. the Holy Ghost feels good. faith is more of a mental process than anything else. it requires effort. you become what you think. preoccupation with unworthy behavior can lead to unworthy behavior. whenever you participate in an activity, ask yourself if there is any light in it. is there anything uplifting or edifying or spiritual or virtuous or noble about that activity? if not, probably dont do it! its not worth your time. darkness is the absence of light. no one can walk into a room filled with light and turn darkness on. you can only turn light off. fill your life with the literal light of the gospel. it is an actual tangible power. it comes from doing things that bring light and from avoiding the darkness. reading your scriptures, attending church and praying. choose good friends. make good decisions. think good thoughts. sorry this is so scattered, i am in a hurry haha. hope you got something from that mess!! if your eye be single to God's glory, then shall your whole body be filled with light, and a body filled with light comprehendeth all things! alma 19:6. READ IT. 

love you! 
With one of Elder Elwood's converts at Temple for first time!

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