Monday, September 22, 2014


hey everybody! awesome week here! please go to and hit the red button in the top corner to request a showing. in the zip code type 48864! we need that movie here! please do that right now! thank you!!

We had a good week this week. we are hoping to begin teaching a few of the families we have found this week. not a ton of time this week to update you! i had trade offs in portland this week and we saw miracles! found some ultra prepared people! it was so cool! we need some of that magic here in lansing! 

why do we need to have faith in Jesus Christ? why is that a necessary principle in our salvation? God wants us all to come back to Him. He sent us a perfect example of how to do that in Jesus Christ. He is the prototype of a saved person. if anyone desires salvation, they must be as Jesus Christ. now luckily we dont have to be immediately perfect as He was, thanks to His Atonement. We must have faith in Him because He is the way. We must believe that He was who He said He was so we have motivation to follow Him and do as He did. We must also believe that He unlocked forgiveness for our sins when He performed the Atonement. I am grateful He was my perfect example and that I know I must follow Him. He is the only one who teaches the true purpose of life. He loves us perfectly. some people choose to pattern their lives after celebrities, sports stars, or others they know. When you are thinking about your role models, ask yourself does this person care about me? do they want whats best for me? what are they willing to do to help me? The Savior knows you, cares about you, and wants to help you. he is the only one we can place our trust in without reservation. He alone can ask us to do as He did, because He was the greatest and only perfect Being to ever live on this earth. FOLLOW HIM!

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