Monday, September 15, 2014


awesome week, too many miracles!! not a ton of time!

we fasted and prayed for families and wow! we found an awesome couple named rudy and elaine this past week, and  a few other potential families. one of them is soo awesome. we had door knocked forever this day, looking for families. it was getting late. literally the last door we knocked (it always happens that way). a dad and his little son open the door. we talked to the dad and he was really cool. he was pretty open to hearing our message and said he wanted his sons to be taught more about God and His standards. turns out this guy played baseball for msu years ago. then his wife comes downstairs and meets us and she was awesome too, said she followed some mormon moms fashion blogs! haha awesome right?? hopefully we will begin to teach them this week! 

Me and Kevin. One of my favorite people ever! Check out his huge bible!! haha Love him!

we talk to a lot of atheists here. i always ask them how the universe began. they say the big bang. i ask them to explain it. they cant. then we usually explain it to them. here is my point: no matter what, you HAVE TO HAVE FAITH. if you dont have faith in God, then you have to have faith in the big bang THEORY, or stephen hawkings, or evolution, but you have to have faith! you are just having faith in something different. if you believe in evolution or the big bang, you have loads of faith. you believe in miracles! you believe in something that nobody has ever seen and that we have never replicated. you believe in an evolutionary miracle. if you believe in God, you believe in someone that thousands of holy men testify they have seen and spoken with face to face. you believe in records kept by ancient civilizations describing the ministrations of the Son of God on the earth. you believe in evidence and you believe in proof. Now, that is not to say that we have all the answers, nor do we need to. like nephi, we can respond that, "we know that God loves His children, nevertheless we do not know the meaning of all things." like alma speaking to korihor, we can show that we have evidence, while those who oppose God have no evidence, save their word only. I love all people, or at least i try to. God our Father loves all people. He wants us to know Him. He will manifest Himself to you if you put forth sincere effort and display your faith. read alma 32. it is about more than faith growing. really read it. 

have a great week! 

elder green

ps julie had an epiphany this week! still not over all her hurdles, but doing soo well! huge miracle! also, got a message from sue nelson (convert from kalkaska) saying that she is getting married and wants me to go through the temple with her on february 7th! awesome!!!!! miracle!!! what a saint!!! kevin came to church yesterday and really loved it!! awesome!! 

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