Monday, August 25, 2014


hey everybody!! another great week in lansing!! 

havent told you much about the area, so here are a few details. it is awesome! haha the ghetto part of the area is really rough. it is really sad. i cant believe this, but there are marijuana shops ALL OVER the city. it is really crazy. i did not think i would see that day so soon. 

the people are great. the weather has been perfect this summer. when it rains here, IT POURS. the weather can be pretty nutty sometimes! 

kevin is doing really well! he agreed to set a baptismal date yesterday!! what?? crazy huh? 20th of september. he is such a joy to teach and is so funny to work with! he still has concerns and says that only God's Spirit will be able to convince him that this is all true. he prays earnestly and i am sure he will get an answer. 

julie is doing really well too. we had a crazy lesson with her this week where her husband got kind of upset (he never sits in on the lessons, but will sometimes linger awkwardly behind us and listen for a minute). and julie was asking us stuff like, "so hypothetically, lets say i believe everything you are teaching me: that joseph is a prophet and babies dont have to be baptized and the book of mormon is true, and i dont get baptized. what happens?" so she is moving right along! 

i know God answers prayers. He has heard me this past week and has helped me to find answers to my questions. The Atonement is so beautiful. it is real. it affords forgiveness of sins and the ability and power to change who we are, if we are willing to work with the Savior. If you have questions about the Gospel, read, and pray and search. the answers will come. God loves each of us. He wants us to return home. never give up hope. there is hope as long as God says there is time to improve. but do not wait. it's getting late. 

have a good week.

elder green

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