Tuesday, August 12, 2014


hey everyone!! way crazy day today so no time to email! long story, no time to tell it! so I will just leave you with a thought. things are going great here, working hard and finding new investigators. wish I had time to tell you some experiences this week, but I will just have to tell you them next week!
This is a ball signed by the "Fab Five!"
Look how gently Parker is touching it, haha
This is "so Parker!"

So is this!!!
Makes me miss him!

agency is not the ability to choose to be free of influence, but the power to choose to which influence we will submit ( god or the adversary)

the saying or though to live with no regrets is really a gigantic joke. what does it mean to live with no regrets? it means to live without sin. Jesus Christ was the only person to ever truly live with no regrets. What most people mean when they say they live with no regrets is that on a consistent basis, they give up things of great or future import to fulfill a momentary and impulsive lust or desire. it means they have no self-control.

living with no rules does not make you free. living without established impediments or restraints does not mean you are free. all it means is that rather than living by God's constraints you will create your own impediments by the choices you make. those impediments will be more permanent, and more difficult to live with than the simple, love-inspired commandments given by our all-knowing Father in Heaven. His restraints will, in time, open many rooms full of potential growth and happiness. No doors will be closed to those who submit themselves to God's will.

maybe I will get to expound on that idea next week. think about it though! those who live with no rules eventually end up living with many impediments, all of which they brought upon themselves. the good news is that Jesus Christ can remove the stain and sin from those negative choices. We can be made whole as if we never messed up in the first place. that is the good news of the gospel and of Jesus Christ. accept His atonement and let it work in your life. do not compare yourselves to others. its futile. it weakens your faith. everyone is always doing worse than they look like they’re doing. just love everyone.

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