Tuesday, October 29, 2013


hey everyone! another great week in Kalkaska!

Parker and his "Jeep"

so i spent monday night - thursday morning in cadillac on trade offs with elders in my district. it was great and i really enjoyed it. we have some great elders up here and they are working hard. i was on trade offs with elder farris first and then elder fox. it was great and we met a lot of great people in a very short amount of time. 

this weekend was district conference (same as stake conferences for you Utahns). It was awesome to be around so many Saints again. sooo cool!! sister hess and president hess both spoke and it was a great meeting. elder boswell and i sang in the choir. it was hard for me cuz i usually sing "solo"... "so-low" no one can hear me! haha lame joke, i know. thought it was worth a shot though.

we also had a great week here in kalkaska! we were able to set some baptismal dates with Carla (steve's wife) and a few others as well. Carla is doing really well, and her struggle was understanding that the priesthood authority was lost. it is amazing the way the scriptures open up to you as you learn more about them. events that once seemed trivial to read about become obviously important things. One example for me this last week was when Jesus goes up to the Mount of Transfiguration and Moses and Elijah come to Him. Before when I read that, it was cool, but it didn't really mean much. But this week it opened up to me. As i am sure many of you already understand but it took me this long to figure out, Moses and Elijah were giving Christ the Keys of the Kingdom; of the Gathering of Israel and Sealings and things, just as the keys had to be restored to Joseph Smith in the exact same manner. Sister Hess said that one of their sons used to occassionally say, "the church is WAY true!" i loved that and guess what: the church IS way true!! love it. 

This week we met Ethan and his little brother James. James has a very light form of autism and ethan used to be in the army before he was bitten by a brown recluse spider. we door knocked into them and came back a few days later to teach the Restoration. it was an awesome lesson because we got to explain the Atonement and the need for it to Ethan. it was so awesome because he discussed a time in his life when he went to jail and felt so ashamed to see his dad afterwards. we discussed how that was EXACTLY the reason we needed Christ. we all violate laws, eternal laws that is, and we are in bondage. we are all ashamed to go and see our Father again, and would give anything if those crimes we committed could be blotted out. we then read alma 7:13 with him. it was an awesome lesson. they both committed to baptismal dates and we are very excited for them. This story brought me to tears! Here is the scripture. Parker doesn't realize we don't all have our scriptures on us to refer to at all times.  "Now the Spirit knoweth all things; nevertheless the Son of God suffereth according to the flesh that he might take upon him the sins of his people, that he might blot out their transgressions according to the power of his deliverance; and now behold, this is the testimony which is in me."

we also door knocked into a lady who told us she doesnt talk to mormons cuz they are a cult. i asked her how she knew that. she said she had a book on it and invited us in. she didnt wanna have to go get her glasses to read the book so i read it instead haha it was very interesting how nice it was about us in the beginning and we read some of the very complimentary parts of the book, put it away before things got ugly, and talked about the Restoration. she wanted a BoM, so we got her one and set a return appointment haha that was a very funny situation. 

things are going really well in kalkaska and it is great weather today! although it snowed all last week... haha elder fox is from california and literally had never seen slush before. he had no idea what it was. he also was freaking out saying, "i didnt know it could snow this hard! its like its raining snow!" haha it was barely even snowing at this point.

anyways, love you all. remember, Heavenly Father does not send thunder when a still small voice is enough (elder Maxwell)

have a great week! 
elder green 

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