Monday, October 14, 2013


I gotta frame this one!!! Question: Who took it? haha

Dont have a ton of time this week, but Kalkaska is great!! i love it here. the branch is so focused on missionary work and it is amazing! elder boswell is great and we get along very well! we set 2 baptismal dates this past week, and this area hasnt baptized in over a year i think? so that was exciting! it really is such a small town, especially compared to bay city! but i love it here and i am actually kind of excited for it to snow? im sure i will regret that as soon as it happens haha.

it is beautiful here! the branch is super tiny here, but that is ok. quality, not quantity. they used to meet in an old restaurant for church! they just built this building like a year and a half ago, so it is brand new. we better start filling it up with investigators! i will be going on a trade off with the zone leaders in traverse tonight, so that will be fun. it has been a great week and i am excited for more.

one of the new invesitgators this week is named sandy. she is very excited to be talking with us. she was texting us after we met and was just dying for our next visit and to learn more. soo cool! nothing like when members wanna help in the work as well! (hint to all the members reading this email: help in the work!) haha

i will send some pictures home! elder boswell looks exactly like toby mcguire! haha no wonder we get along! gotta love spiderman.

When i looked at this pic bigger, Elder Boswell does kind of look like Toby McGuire but I wouldn't say "exactly."  I think Parker is just really missing Spiderman. We zoomed in on his sunglasses that I said looked like they were from the Dollar Store last week and they were Spiderman! He has always been his favorite Super Hero!!!

have a great week!

elder green

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