Monday, October 7, 2013


Let's start with a picture.
Have you ever seen anyone getting such a kick out of a cat?!?
This cat went door to door with them one day and Parker
apparently thought it was hilarious!!!
so this week was great. we got transfer calls a few days ago on Friday and looks like i will be heading to Kalkaska for the next 6 weeks! I will be the district leader there with my companion being elder boswell! i am very excited and am looking forward to it. although it has been very difficult to leave behind all these awesome people here and to leave behind all this work that is about to happen! but it'll be alright!
Chanielle and Justin and their boys.
Hard to say goodbye.

Last time at their house with this little guy!

Suzette and Jacob
came to watch General Conference
One of the many bridges they cross all the time.
If you don't time it right, you will be waiting 15 mins.
conference was great! i have always loved president uchtdorf’s talks and this week was no different! we watched conference at the church with the investigators who came and a few members. it was a great experience. its funny being out here, cuz seeing salt lake and all the thousands of saints gathered there, it seems like this mystical, magical place and almost seems fake in a way that there are that many mormons haha its like... i want to go there and see for myself that its real haha. so i can only imagine how our investigators feel, sitting in a near empty chapel watching this amazing scene on a 24 inch tv haha. it was awesome to hear all of the many talks on missionary work! especially elder gifford nielsen!(former BYU football player and then Houston Oilers) soo cool to see him speak at general conference! especially on missionary work. its not going to slow down any time soon, so we might as well get involved! remember that as a member in missionary work, you should not keep your mouth closed because you are afraid someone will say no. success is not if they get baptized, but if you give them the opportunity to use their agency. if you extend and invitation, then you have already been successful, regardless of the answer! so pray each night as families for opportunities to share the gospel. leaders of the church have promised the Lord will provide opportunities that are not awkward or difficult, but will be natural for both parties. so what are we waiting for?

Parker with his District
Notice how they get progressively sillier!!!

The poor Sister Missionaries!!!
It's like they don't quite know what to do with these guys.
this week was great though, but not a whole lot changed from last week. we have quite a few people on date to be baptized right now, and it has been awesome to see the work grow and progress here in Bay City. I am so grateful for the Lord's Hand in His work.

something WAYY funny happened this week. so we pull up to our apartment the other night. and this guy pulls his car right in front of ours and gets out and asks if we will pray with him. his name is bob and he just got out of surgery.  after relating to us his life story, he takes our hands and tells me to pray. as i prayed, he was saying, "mmmhmm! amen!" and stuff like that. after that, he asks elder bass to pray. at the end of the prayer he asks if elder bass is ahead in his studies, and then goes on to say he asked because his prayer was better than mine. he said that i needed to keep working and listening to him and things. it was soo funny. we were busting up about it forever.

well, that’s not the end. so this morning, we got to our apartment after we did laundry and he was down the street. he walks over and asks us if we will come preach at this party he is having for children...? haha anyway, he asks us to pray again. so i went first. and i was saying a prayer full of scriptural language and quotes and things and then i finished my prayer. he says that was pretty good... and then he asks elder bass to pray. well in the middle of elder bass' prayer, he paused for a second, and when he paused bob said, "err! times up!" he then told us that I was better today and that i must have been working hard cuz my prayer was just better today hahahahaha. he said he will ask us to pray with him whenever he sees us. so elder bass and i were laughing cuz it has turned into like.. a rap battle with prayers. we are both praying to try and impress bob and stuff. and you have to bring your "A" game every day haha it was super funny.

one thing i loved really quick was from president uchtdorf: “doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.”  the adversary would have us doubt what we know to be true over some foolish thought he puts into our minds. so always doubt what you haven’t tested through time and study and prayer, rather than doubting your faith that has sustained and guided you through so much.

love you all! have a great week! 

I think the River of Time was the most fun they
have had in a while haha!!!

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