Monday, October 21, 2013


What a week!
No explanation given. You tell me, haha!

Kalkaska is great, it has been raining or hailing for like.. the past 3 days straight and i love it. i also went up to traverse city this week for a trade off with the zone leaders and that was awesome. i hate sending home pictures of how amazing it looks up here because the pictures never do it justice!! but seriously, there are sooo many trees, so much open land, and sooo many beautiful green hills. anyways, traverse city was cool and this week ill be conducting 2 trade offs, so i wont be in kalkaska much this week, sadly.

but here is a quick run down of what happened this week. we picked up a few new great investigators and had 2 people come to church, which was awesome. we have been seeing a lot of miracles and some really cool things happening here. everyone in the branch is so excited about the work and about how many investigators we have and things. its awesome.

a few nights ago, we went over to sandys a few days after having taught her about the plan of salvation at the church with a member. we were heading over to invite her to church the next day. and for various reasons, we ended up teaching her the Word of Wisdom. she said she understood it but wasnt sure she wanted to live it right now. we started talking about her going to church and thats when things got crazy. she started talking about how she got super offended during our lesson the other day because of something a member had said and how she will never go to church. she enjoys our meetings but does not want to go to church because of it. it was so weird because the thing she was offended about was really not a big deal, but for various reasons she was very upset. after we tried for a little while to resolve the problem, she just said she didnt wanna talk about it anymore. so we left. it was terrible. verrry rough night.

Rain Storm in Traverse City
Parker says the pics don't even come close to doing any of the scenery justice!!!

but the next day was sunday and we had 2 people come to church. one of which has been being taught for a year and has never come! but he came this week and he loved it. that was a huge blessing. and the Lord always provides a way for success in some way if you work hard. We may have had a bad lesson with sandy, but check this out. one of the new guys we have been teaching is named Steve. he is an awesome guy and gives us eggs from his chickens haha but we havent met his wife before. well he told us the other day she has been reading the book of mormon every day. like 60 pages everyday. so we went out to see steve with our branch president, and instead (as we were hoping to do) ran into his wife and we talked to her for about an hour and a half. she was talking about how the bom has answered questions she has had her whole life. it really was an awesome lesson and i am so grateful that our Heavenly Father hears our prayers always. Things are going so well here in Kalkaska and they will continue to if we will work hard.

We have also been chosen to be one of the first electronic missions! so we are going to get digital planners, area books, the whole 9 yards. it will be awesome. not sure when these changes will be taking place however.

we are going to have another great week this week and pick up more new investigators and keep this area moving!

A Place Where They Door Knock by a Lake

one thing that was spoken about in church was forgiving others. it was a great talk. and one quote he used that i loved was that, "forgiving is giving up the hope that the past could be different." what a beautiful phrase! how true is that! i really do love that. if someone offends you, or you feel you have been wronged, why should that have to affect your testimony of 

the gospel?? give up those feelings that only weigh you down. holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will get hurt because of it.

last thought. funny thought. so one of the ladies i was teaching in bay city, suzette, apparently was having some struggles with her new testimony of joseph smith. she eventually said that deep down, she knows he is a prophet. when the missionaries in bay city asked her why she knew that, she said, "because why would donny osmond lie?!" SHE LOVES DONNY hahahahaahah thought that was too funny.

anyways, love you all! have a great week!

elder green

picture with the lake is a place we were door knocking. everywhere up here is named after the lake it is built near haha. soo many beautiful lakes like this one.
other one is a pciture of a rain storm in traverse. cant get the full feeling with either picture.

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