Monday, February 23, 2015


Hey everyone! Another great week in MI! Its still really cold here. Weird when 0 degrees feels balmy and warm enough to only wear a light jacket...

We had a good week this week, not too much to report. Transfers planned and got logistics all worked out. That's always fun... 

Church was great today. We had an investigator come unexpectedly, so that's always nice. All the Recent Converts are doing very well. Richard took us to this great Chinese place on Chinese New Year and it was packed! It was really fun though. Mauricio received the Aaronic Priesthood today and is doing well. We went shopping with him this week with President Jacobsen to get him a suit and things. We went to Salvation Army (not exactly Hugo Boss style suits there) and found him some great stuff! a white shirt, clip-on tie, shoes, and a suit. it was great.

Not too much time to personal contact this week, but we have been teaching some really cool people. One of our investigators, Dustin, is doing quite well. he really loves meeting with us and learning more. Cant remember if i told you about him before or not, but this guy doesnt wear any shoes! Ever! crazy right? He is mega Christian and is fun to teach because he knows his stuff. 

Satan only has power over us when we allow him to through disobedience, whether that disobedience be mental or physical. 2 Ne 2:13-14. There are two types of things: things that act, and things that are acted upon. Which type of thing are you? Our Heavenly Father created us as things to act, not to be acted upon. But what was Satan's alternative to God's plan? we would all be things that were acted upon. Msh 27:9. This scripture teaches that when we start to let the light out of our lives, it gives Satan an opportunity to exercise his authority over us. But ONLY when we allow it by letting light out of our life. D&C 93:39. The adversary can take away light and truth from us when we are disobedient. This is how we begin to give him power in our lives. 2 Ne 2:26. Were it not for the Atonement, we would be things that were acted upon constantly. We would have no buffer between us and sin, between ourselves and the consequences of our sins, between us and the devil. (2 Nephi 9: 8-9). But BECAUSE that we are redeemed, we have become free forever, to ACT FOR OURSELVES and NOT to be acted upon. We are free to make of our lives exactly what we want, because of the Atonement. If you don't want the consequences of sin, you must repent. Were it not for the Atonement of Christ, you could not repent. Repentance means change. Repentance means that nothing about you is permanent (got that from a recent convert here. cool huh?). 

So what is the application? fill your life with light. think positive thoughts about yourself. Have self-confidence! be a thing that acts, and dont be acted upon. whether that means doing your homework (being a thing that acts) instead of procrastinating and then getting a bad grade (getting acted upon), or reading your scriptures every day and choosing to fill your life with light. No matter where or who you are, we all need to repent. That is the one action that matters in our lives, because it is what we need to do to have the Atonement of Christ save us. 

Thank you all, 

Elder Green 

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