Monday, February 16, 2015


Hey everyone!! what a week! 

it has been SO COLD here. I cant even tell you what it feels like. i mean, yesterday we were driving to church at like 10 am, the sun was out, looked beautiful outside, but it was -12. seriously. -12 degrees. in broad daylight. that isnt even counting the windchill which probably brought it down below -30. you walk outside for 30 seconds and you feel like you are having thousands of pins prick your face all at once. it is terrible. elder rhodes and i ran from a parking garage to a lesson we had on campus the other day (this was on saturday, where 15-20 minutes exposed could cause frostbite. 40 mph winds, 6 inches of snow.) and we were only out there for probably 5 minutes but i thought we were both going to die. i was struggling to breathe the rest of the day! anyway, enough crying about the weather.
Mauricio's Baptism!
Elder Nash from the First Quorum of the 70 came to our mission this week! we had two half-mission conferences and it was great! He is awesome! such an honor to have him here. He also attended Mauricio's baptism Sunday morning! it was so cool to have a General Authority at the baptism! 

Mauricio's baptism went so well. He got up at the end and bore his testimony and it was great. He is such an inspiration to me. Mark Wang also bore his testimony Sunday at church (he was assigned to do that) and he did a great job. Xiang Li passed the Sacrament for the first time this week. Things are going really well here! 

Half-Mission Conference
This week is transfer planning again. I can't believe how fast time flies. That means lots of time sitting in front of a giant board and not a lot of time to do anything else :( but its ok! itll be good!

Why should I pray? It helps you to feel the Spirit and Heavenly Father's love for you. No one can know spiritual truths without prayer. It is how we talk to our loving Father and ask for His help and guidance. If we show the faith to simply ask, then He will give us blessings that He is already willing to grant, but that are conditional upon our asking for them. It is how we repent and confess our sins to Him. Doing so removes a heavy burden. We can get guidance and answers to questions. We can find comfort in times of trouble and sorrow. We can find relief from our burdens and the strength to carry on. 

Love you all! 

have a great week!

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