Tuesday, July 15, 2014


hi everyone! another great week in wyoming!! the weeks are going by so fast and it is really scary. we played basketball this morning with jontae and his twin brother and it was a blast.
Sometimes Parker looks so happy that it just cracks me up!

this week was really good! darrell is getting baptized on saturday and it will be awesome!! i just feel like if you dont write down everything that happens to you each day you can forget everything that happened during the past week! haha it is crazy. we taught a lot, found a lot and had a great time. i love door knocking. after my mission, i think i will just go do it anyway cuz it is that fun haha. i love talking to people and asking them questions and having them think and then allowing us to share something so true with them! dont have a lot of time this week, so here is the thought.

worldy sorrow is different than godly sorrow. godly sorrow makes you feel bad for your sins and want to repent. it makes you feel hopeful and ready to change. worldy sorrow is satan's trap. it makes you feel hopeless and like there is no redemption from what you have done. it makes you feel like God does not love you and like Christ's Atonement is not good enough. It makes you think that you were actually happier when you were sinning because it wasn't so hard that way. Satan only has one good quality and that is that he never gives up. he will keep drilling you. your whole life. so we have to be just as persistent. Thoughts or feelings that God does not love you or that you cannot come back from a certain trial or mistake are not of God. Why would a Heavenly Father, who loves you infinitely, ask you to never try to come back to Him? HE WOULDN'T.

We completely accidentally door knocked into two members of the church who hadn't been active for double-digit years each. it was soo crazy and soo cool!! cuz both of them were so random and serendipitous that it had to be God's Hand. some of the pictures are from one of their houses. the husband (not a member) and owner of the house is a big game hunter. so yeah. thats what's up with all the crazy photos.

also ps there have been some GIANT storms here the past few weeks. it is SO cool!! giant thunder and lightning and it is awesome! one of the nights there was a tornado!! i have some video of the damage, but idk if i can send it cuz it is so big! anyway, have a good week everyone!

love you all! have a great week!

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