Monday, July 14, 2014


(We were out of town and so this letter should have last week's date on it but I don't see any way to change it.)

hey everyone! another awesome week here in wyoming! 

not a ton of time because it is my comps bday so we have stuff to do! haha hope everyone is doing well. we had a great week this week. we have so many people to teach right now and we teach so much, but there are a few people who are not progressing right now. we are trying to thin out our teaching pool and find people who are ready to accept the fullness of the gospel right now. we have done a lot of finding and have had some great success thanks to our Heavenly Father. sorry for all the typos this week, this keyboard is not the greatest. darrell is excited to be baptized on the 19th and he is doing aweosme. he, dannell, and mikayla all came to church this week. darrell reads the book of mormon like crazy!! he is awesome!!

about a month ago i challenged jontae to a BoM reading competition. we made a bet about who could finish it first and what the rewards would be. if i won, i got to take pictures of me dunking a basketball on him, and if he won i would take him to this one restaurant for dinner. well, i read to 1 ne 3 the first day, and he read to mosiah 15, and i gave up right then haha but i didnt tell him. i have been leading him on telling him i may have already finished it. but i am gonna tell him tomorrow he won. can you believe that? a recent convert just read the BoM in about a month!! that is awesome! he is doing well and so is Hannah. Hannah is incredible even though everyone around her is struggling, she is stalwart and awesome. 

what is God's purpose? why did He put us all here? when we talk to people on the streets, that is one of my favorite questions to ask. the answer is a restored truth. it is the most important restored truth. it is the answer to the grandest question of them all. Why? Was God bored so He created all this to see what would happen? is it part of a grand experiment? I will not be answering these questions. they are for you to find answers to. The answers are in the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. without the answer to that question, it is hard to understand why we are here and what God expects of us. The answer is plain and simple. it is true. The peace that comes through knowing God's purpose, our purpose, and then doing our best to keep the commandments is not to be found in any other way. The peace the gospel brings is lasting. I want everyone to have it. The sad truth is, not everyone wants it. at least not now. The scriptures are true. if you want to learn, read the scriptures. they can teach you endless amounts of Godly intelligence. If you want to avoid temptation and sadness, read them daily (hel 3: 28-29) and PONDER them. pray over their more mysterious passages. have a good week.

elder green

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