Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Hi everyone! 

What a great week! i feel like it has been forever since i have emailed to the blog. i again dont have a ton of time today and i have a lot to say! haha anyway, Elder Holland was incredible. He talked a lot about our purpose as missionaries and how nobody can block anyone else's salvation. in the end, it is all up to us and what we want. in life, you get what you want. you get what you ask for by the way you live. wish i had more time to elaborate on it and on what elder holland spoke on. he talked about why missionary work is so hard and he said its because salvation is not a cheap experience! think about that. isnt that awesome?

by the way, we were on bikes for four days this week and it nearly killed me! haha it was so hot and we were pedaling all over town!!
Parker with his set of Mission Comp Puppets  that Sis. Pawson made him!!! 
How funny is that?
Hannah is doing really well. She is one of the most incredible people I have met out here. As we have taught her nearly every day the past two weeks, she has made so many huge changes in life, all because she has simple faith that it will lead her to more happiness and peace. she has experienced a massive change of heart equivalent to the change of heart experienced by the people of King Benjamin in Mosiah 5:2. she has expressed at nearly every meeting that her desires have changed. she has no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually. she has shown that living the commandments of God truly does bring more peace and happiness than what the world has to offer. She is very excited for her baptism this weekend (oh yeah, we moved her date up to this saturday cuz she was too excited to wait!) haha everything changed when we taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ the morning of Elder Holland's visit. we talked to her about what repentance really is and it changed her. we talked to her about how EVERYTHING could be washed away at baptism. From that time forward she has wanted to be baptized. it really is that simple. do you want to be clean and confident before God? live the commandments. get baptized. take the sacrament. repent. i love it. she loves it. its true. 

Lots of birthday treats and kindness!!!

Sis. Pawson's mom singing, "Happy Birthday" to Parker!
What a cute lady!!!

we are teaching many other people and have seen some massive miracles. but i want to express this right now instead of elaborating about those people. i will try to be short. we are only useful to the Lord when we are humble and obedient. If we believe we know better than Him, we will never receive His help or direction in our lives. We have investigators who just won't keep commitments, like attendance at church, reading the scriptures and praying, and they don't receive anything more than what they already have! however, when a humble seeker like Hannah accepts the commandments, lives them, and does her best, her life becomes filled with peace and consolation. things go better for her at work and with her family. EVERYTHING CHANGES for the better. it is not coincidence. it is not luck. it is our Heavenly Father responding to humility and obedience. none of us are perfect. God knows everything. repent and move forward. do not let the devil tie you down with negative thinking, negative speaking, or behaviors that are in contradiction with divine laws. wickedness never was happiness (alma 41:10) we exercise our agency by our thoughts, words, and actions. agency only works in the present. not the past. choose now to be obedient to God's commands, and watch your life be changed for your eternal good. 

have a great week!

elder green

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