Monday, June 9, 2014


hey everyone! how are you?
Do my packages make Parker nervous? haha He looks scared!!!
another great week in wyoming! wyoming michigan that is! sorry, not a ton of time! but hannah got baptized this week!! how incredible. she has definitely been one of the biggest miracles of my mission!
Hannah and her little boy.  She looks so happy!
What a great day!
This is Sister Barbara Pawson, who does so much for the missionaries!
Can't thank her enough.  What a wonderful lady!!!
just a quick experience we had with hannah to think about this week. as we taught hannah, she would repent, and the spirit would prompt her to change things. she would make changes on her own. it was awesome. the other night, we were talking to her, and she just says, "keeping the commandments is so easy!" as i thought about that, i realized how true that statement is. my whole life it has seemed really hard to keep the commandments. it has seemed discouraging because i am imperfect. well, here is the deal: keeping the commandments is easy, unless you want to do something else. if you would rather not keep the commandments, then it will be really hard to keep them! we still won't be perfect ever in this life, but we can do our best! when we keep the commandments and take the sacrament each week, the Holy Ghost can be with us. with this member of the Godhead's help, we can refine, elevate, and lift our desires to holier things. we use our agency in three ways: our thoughts, words, and actions. if you want to change your desires so they can become your friends rather than your enemies, you must do a few things: 
1. you must learn to look beyond the moment. learn to think, "what consequences will this decision have?"
2. exercise your agency righteously. do not entertain bad thoughts, or soon they will begin entertaining you.
3. repent. repentance brings the Spirit and change. we can become more Christlike. it can be done. but not without our willing it to happen through sincere repentance and a desire to change. 

wish i had more time!! love you all! have a great week!

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