Tuesday, May 27, 2014


As you can see from the pics Parker had a very busy week. His email to me was the shortest so far and either he didn't have time to type the group letter or he forgot to push "send" because there wasn't one. They didn't get to email yesterday due to the holiday and so they were super rushed this morning! 

In my letter he said that he got to shake Elder Holland's hand! And that he had a wonderful week and would fill me in on everything next week!

May 22, marked 1 year in the field! He said there is a "Mission Continuum" that makes it seem like he hasn't been gone for very long and at the same time like he's been gone forever! I told him it's the same for us here ;)

At the Temple with Sis. Pawson's Mom
when as received her own Endowment!

Always eating!

So grateful to Sis. Pawson for always taking pics
and for doing so much for the missionaries!
What a wonderful example!!!

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