Tuesday, April 15, 2014


hey everyone! another great week in wyoming! 
Jontae's Baptism
jontae's baptism was on saturday and it was soo great! he is such an incredible young man and will be very influential in bringing many others to follow Jesus Christ and to join the church. the hot water ran out like 2 minutes into filling the font, so it was a cold water baptism haha elder pena baptized him and I confirmed him yesterday. then, in elders quorum, he was given the aaronic priesthood and ordained to the office of priest. wayy cool!! he is such a boss.

there are many miracles that happen every day out here. it is hard to narrow it down to just a few! but we picked up this really cool new family from burma. the children speak english, so their 13 year old daughter translates for us and their 21 year old son too. it is very cool! they are incredible and will do really well! 

also this week, while we were teaching patty dudicz (wife of a member) we followed up on her book of mormon reading and she hadnt read that week. so we began to read with her in 1 ne 2. it was great. the spirit is always so strong when we read the book of mormon with investigators. as we finished the chapter and continued discussing what it meant to us, she said something like, "this is weird, i know, but i just realized something. i have always wondered like why the book of mormon? why do we need it? why did it come forth now instead of earlier? and it just kinda came over me and hit me how necessary it is." she went on to elaborate and basically we watched her gain a spiritual witness of the book of mormon right in her own home that day!! soo cool!!! 

the church is selling out this Easter season. they are purchasing banners and ads on major websites including youtube to help promulgate the message of the Restoration. each of us should support the church by posting the videos and inviting everyone we can to check them out. the newest one is called "because of Him" it can be found on lds. org. it is INCREDIBLE!! watch it, please. Joseph Smith said that we could build all the chapels we want, but eventually we would not be able to contain the Latter-Day Saints. We are witnessing this promise unfold before our very eyes.

I know the Savior lives. I know He is the Son of God. I know He fulfilled His divine mission and made it possible for each of us to return and live with our Heavenly Father in the family unit for eternity. As we follow the gospel He taught by having faith in Him, repenting of our sins, making covenants and receiving the Holy Ghost, our lives will be filled with joy and peace. Because of Him death loses its sting. Because of Him, I know that I can be united with my family for eternity. It's all because of Him. If this church isn't true, and Jesus is not the Christ, then we have no hope. But I know He is, and that this is His church. These things I know are true. 

Have a great week!

Elder Green 

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