Monday, April 28, 2014


hey everyone! 
Parker must be missing Teddy!!!
its been another great week here in wyoming!! we had stake conference this week, which was wonderful. so many people were there and there were some wonderful talks given! 

one quick miracle from this week that shows that our Heavenly Father is hastening His work! one of the first weeks i was here in wyoming, we were driving out of sister pawson's neighborhood and there was a car stuck idle in the middle of the road. elder pena and i jumped out of the truck and started talking to the lady who's car it was. she didnt know what had happened but her car had stopped running right there and she had her 4 year old son in the backseat. as elder pena and i pushed her car to the side of the road, sister pawson talked to her, got her name, phone number and address and said we would check up on her to make sure her car got fixed and things. 

well weeks went by, sister pawson talked to her maybe once on the phone for a brief moment and hannah (the girl who's car was stuck) was very busy and couldnt meet with us. two weeks ago we stopped by her house randomly to see if she was home. her mother answered the door and told us hannah would be moving the following day. we got in contact with hannah and helped her move. as we moved her things, sister pawson talked to her and hannah had questions about mormons. at the end of the move, we talked to her for a little and before we could even invite her to learn, she said she wanted to know more. her roommate and roommate's boyfriend also wanted to know more. we have now taught hannah two times and she wants to be baptized on the 31st of may! she is incredible. what a wonderful example of elder ballard's general conference invitation to “follow up!”

one quick self-inquisitive question. would you want to marry yourself? 

this is something president hess has been focusing on lately. it is a great motivational tool becuase as we think about who we hope to be associated with (whether as a spouse, coworkers, or friends) we want to be around people who are hard working, happy and obedient. but we cannot be associated with thsoe poeople if we ourselves are not those types of people. we are all trying to be like jesus, and one day (judgement day or much sooner perhaps at your wedding, around your children, or around your friends) we will all want to be around people who are like Jesus. The only sure way to make sure we ourselves can keep that company is by being those types of people ourselves. we ought to strive to be more like our Savior every day and always remember to keep our eyes on the company we keep. if we want better company and better influences, then we must also be willing to be a better influence and to be the type of person that we want to spend our time around. never forget that! the age-old question of what would Jesus do still applies today!

have a great week!

elder green

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