Monday, April 7, 2014


Hey everyone!! 
Missionary Leader Conference
what a great week! i hope you all enjoyed conference. it was truly incredible. We are so blessed to be able to be led by prophets of God. As i listened, i couldnt help but get an overwhelming feeling that these talks had so much substance to them. they are really able to teach us and show us the way to eternal life. in none of those talks did they ever tell you to do something like “be happy and feel peace” and not tell you how. they never shy away from telling the truth. i could not be more thankful for modern prophets. when so much of the world looks for a God who will speak, "smooth things" unto them (isaiah. 30:10)  we are blessed to be able to know the truth!

Jontay's baptism is this next saturday! it will be a great day, i am so excited for him. he is a great young man. we are really looking forward to that experience. hopefully we can get all of our other investigators there so they can feel the spirit and see a baptism! 

we are so blessed in this area to teach so many great people! I am so thankful to be here. 

everyone in life seeks 3 things: peace, purpose and a way to come closer to God. the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing in the world that will bring eternal answers to all 3. occupation, family, and love can bring temporary satisfaction to those 3 natural desires, but only the gospel can fill that void eternally. Share it with everyone. it is simple. everyone wants those things, we have them to give. please listen to the words of the prophets. fill your prayers with gratitude and repentance. never procrastinate changing our lives to conform to God's will. that is what we are here to do! I love you all, I love the Savior, I love my Heavenly Father, I love the Holy Ghost, and I love Joseph Smith.

have a great week! 

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