Monday, August 26, 2013


Hi everyone!

so we got transfer calls this week and i get to stay in Bay City!! i am so happy about that haha. elder stevenson is going to williamston, and i am getting a new companion who will also be the district leader here. his name is elder bass and from what i have heard he is really cool! so we leave tomorrow morning to go drop of elder stevenson and pick up elder bass. i am excited! hopefully we will be able to keep the work rolling here! it’ll be cool to be the only person who knows about our investigators for a while and stuff. its weird watching elder stevenson say bye to people though.. its especially hard for our investigators. like justin and chanielle. everyone is giving us gifts and stuff. and tonight gabe and stephanie are holding a bbq dinner for us haha. thats way cool.

anyways, another great week!! jackie got anti'd (when investigators run into people who tell them not to listen to us for one fake reason or another) and said she needed to sort out her life alone right now. but we wont let someone so prepared get away that easy haha if missionaries are one thing, its persistent. so watch out. theres a storm of persistency coming haha.

have i talked about gabe and stephanie here yet? well, they are super cool. we are best friends with them and have been teaching them for a few weeks now. they are living together and have been dating for like.. a year or so? but they are so cool and have come to church the past two weeks. Gabe stayed for all 3 hours this week and i walked him out to his car and he was just loving church. it was super cool! they both have had some pretty impressive changes of heart and yeah! hopefully they will continue to progress. stephanie has two sons that are 12 and 8 and we played bball against them the other night and they had a blast. so things have been going well over there.

we have someone on date to be baptized in october, but we gotta find one for september. i just have a feeling its jackie. she is so prepared. i feel like she is just so submissive and will listen to whoever is talking at the moment. so if the baptists are talking, she will listen to them. we just need to continue to meet with her and things. we have picked up quite a few new investigators who are super solid! i am very excited about them! elder stevenson and i were left very short on miles with the car this month again by the sisters again, but thats ok. we have biked around 75-90 miles in the past 4 days! haha wayyy hard work!! but we got a ton done! that has been a miracle in itself! haha

cool talks were given in church this week about why, when we are doing everything we can, we still dont see the blessings we want. and really, what it comes down to, is learning patience and understanding that what the Lord has in store for you is better than what you want for yourself. I wish i could write a ton about this topic, but maybe another time. what i have written definitely does not suffice. but dallin h. oaks in last months ensign shared a cool experince. while he was at byu they were tying to get the president of the united states to go to byu and give a speech. the committee that was organizing the trip was trying to figure out what day would work best for byu and things. then elder oaks realized that if they wanted to enlist the largest power in the united states to come and speak at their school, they couldnt demand things from him. they needed to invite him, and then say whatever works for you president, and whenever it works for you, we will be happy to do. that should be our attitude when enlisting our Heavenly Father's help!

lastly, we door knocked into this guy last week who told us we had all been "interfered with" by aliens. he told us that he knew god was a 4 foot alien with big black eyes. he was just yelling passionately the whole time haha he wasnt angry with us, he just was nuts and was sharing his ideas haha the climax of the conversation was when he got real quiet and asked my why my body was 98.6 degrees. i told him i didnt know. he responded by saying, "theres no reason you're that temperature brother, other than we were interfered with!" haha it was super funny and super crazy!

have a good week! love you all!

elder green

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