Monday, August 12, 2013



Hey everyone! so this week was CRAZY!! haha i will try and describe it, but since most of it is indescribable (or i am too lazy to type the whole thing, for fear of wrist-cramps) it will be somewhat short.

so the first thing. horribly sad. we went over to josephs to check on him, and we saw he was smoking.... it broke our hearts. but he didnt think we saw him smoking. we talked to him for forever about how he can always tell us the truth and how we will never give up on him and things. then he told us that his sister (who he lives with and is his only living relative) got admitted to the hospital suddenly this week and how rough that has been on him. as we went back the next few days, his sister passed away. joseph was so sad! he wants to quit smoking again. he also got his van fixed and wants to move. it has been a struggle, but we will help him out! he will overcome this! his faith has not waivered at all, which has been amazing to see!

next up. i was in saginaw on a trade off when all of this went down. but apparently some things happened that made the sisters in bay city feel unsafe where they were living (on the east side of bay city). so two days later we switched apartments and now we are living on the east side! which is good cuz i love this apartment and we have been wanting to door knock the east side for a while! we switched proselytin areas as well, so now we are on the east side. our apartments were about 10 minutes apart, so it is not a big move. but anyways, there is that! haha the worst part is we were on bikes this week so we had to bike all our stuff to our new apartment! just kidding haha its just been tough cuz we cant get to the west side to visit our investigators over there very efficiently due to the biking. but the weather has been perfect and i am very happy in this new area!

leadership conference was great! president hess is an amazing man and is definitely very inspired! when he speaks i feel like we are listening to a prophet!

we have picked up a few new investigators recently. one man, named patrick, we door knocked into. he wants to quit smoking. he has overcome addictions to herione, cocaine, drinking, etc. but cant quit smoking. so we are going to do the program with him and he is very excited. he was really athletic in his hay day and was once clocked pitching at 94 miles an hour. he tried out for the tigers, but was hung over the whole time. he was so disappointed in his past, but he has made so many positive changes! he is a great guy!

we have also been playing basketball with one of the people we are teaching's sons. her name is becky and she used to be a member, and wants to be re-taught again. her sons are awesome, like 19 and 20 and we are playing with them on p days. it is going really well!

not a whole lot of updates outside of that. we are looking forward to getting back to missionary work this week now that we are settled in an apartment and things! hopefully the pictures i send home are getting up on this blog thing?


love you all have a great week!

elder green 

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