Monday, August 19, 2013


Hey everyone!! another great week and also another week where i dont have a ton of time to email! so i will try and be short, but still include important stuff!

so Joseph is doing ok. we found him after he randomly moved out, which was a miracle in itself, and he is doing alright. he didnt make it to church sunday cuz he could only find one of his shoes and elder stevenson and i werent available to pick him up, so we sent a ward member, who left before he could find his other shoe. but next week he will be there!

we have had a hard time getting in contact with some of our investigators, which can be frustrating. but brother and sister martinez told us yesterday that they used to avoid the missionaries and things when they were first being taught, but now they are super solid members. so we will keep working!

we were crazy blessed this week to find some awesome people! this lady jackie had met with elder stevenson and his trainer before and really liked it. she was baptist and didnt have her kids baptized before they died, so her preacher said they were in hell. so she loved meeting with them. but then the day after she met with missionaries for the first time, her preacher set her against the church by  telling her we dont believe Jesus died on the cross and things. and that was the end of it. they couldnt contact her anymore. but we called her last week and she wanted to meet. so we met and taught her the restoration and it went way well!! she told us that every week the preacher at her church judges every body before they leave the building and that she always leaves feeling horrible! so we set baptismal dates with her and her granddaughter that she is raising! it was really cool and we are meeting with them again tonight.

we also met a girl straight form cameroon last week haha she barely speaks english! very fluent in french but she was so happy someone wanted to talk about Jesus with her! so we are going over there tuesday hahah that should be fun.

we had a lot of investigators at church yesterday which was awesome. we also fasted with justin and chanielle this week and they came to church. i promised them they would see the blessings they asked for in their lives if they did these things! this should be a great week for them!

anyways, things are awesome here! one funny story. we had a lesson with a guy who is pretty crazy. actually really crazy. and was just saying the most random stuff the whole time. at one point, i was explaining where the book of mormon comes from and that lehi left jerusalem as commanded by God, and right after that he says, "and now Israel is cutting 90% of the worlds diamonds." haha it is crazy out here sometimes.

love you all! have a good week!

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