Monday, July 29, 2013


Another great week here in Bay City!!

So a few things that I haven't been able to talk about cuz I havent had time in previous emails. Like 2 weeks ago they had this thing here in the Bay called "Tall Ships." So apparently like every 3 years, all these GIANT tall ships sail into the Saginaw River and dock in Bay City. So everyone goes down there and you can pay to walk on them and stuff. which we didnt do. but it was just cool to see them all and i got an ok picture of one of them, which i will send home. Also, 2 weeks ago when we didnt have the car and it was SO hot, there was also this MASSIVE storm. the storms here can get pretty huge!! like the wind and rain was basically a tornado. huge trees were ripped out of the ground and tons of electrical lines were down for a week! luckily we saw it coming and made it back to our apt literally JUST AS IT STARTED. so i have a few pics of that as well. also the clouds here in michigan are always amazing so i take a lot of pictures of those haha.

this week we moved joseph's baptism date up a week to this saturday cuz he is so ready. so we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with him, and he started going off about how he quit smoking, but the one thing he wont ever quit is drinking cappuccino. so we asked our district leader if that was a problem and he said yes. so the next day we went to josephs and told him that he cant drink that anymore if he wants to be baptized. and he said ok no problem! and he hasnt had it since and said he never will cuz we told him it wasnt good for him. he is an awesome man! he is very excited for his baptism.

this week we also had to tell chanielle that she cant be baptized till her and justin either seperate or get married, neither of which can happen right now because of financial reasons and things. so that was probably the worst thing i have had to do. she was ok with it though and said she understood. we will still be visiting with them. she said she will get baptized as soon as the situation changes.

last week we met a ton of awesome, prepared people while we were door knocking, so its just a matter of setting up appointments with them and things. like seriously, these people are so ready. its crazy how the Lord works. so i am really looking forward to seeing them again this week.

another thing that is crazy out here is how often people relate drug usage to a spirtitual experience haha. it probably happens almost once a day. like people saying yeah this one time i was on dope, and i didnt know what i was doing, and i rode my bike right into an oncoming car, and nothing happened to me! that is an actual quote from a guy this week haha minus the expletives.

also this week, one guy we are teaching joe parkinson, he is about 20, started to progress a lot. the first time we met him he was asking us questions just out of curiousity and was kinda laughing at some stuff we belived, but not in a rude way. he just was wanting to know more but didnt care about any of it. we have since started teaching him and the other night he offered the prayer and afterwards told us that he knows its true. he said it has been cool to see the change in his own attitude. so we are gonna keep working with him! the Lord is always trying to bring people back to Him.

I love you all and hope you have a good week!

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