Monday, July 22, 2013


no time!! im so sorry!! quick run down of the week though!!

we didnt have the car this week, so we biked and walked. and it was the hottest week of the year!! haha it was horrible. luckily brother schindler and the members helped us out with some rides! but seriously, it was SO HOT. had to bring a rag to dry my face off otherwise when we went into appointments people would think we just swam there.

but this week we had 5 investigators at church and joseph was one of them. he is looking solid and is always telling us how much he loves it all! its soo good to hear. he is always telling us we turned him around and stuff, but i hope that he realizes its the gospel and things ya know? but after church last sunday, he just quit smoking. cold turkey! hasnt smoked since! cool huh? that was awesome to hear!

justin and chanielle are doing pretty good. we saw them a lot this week and they both are smoke free so that was awesome! but justin is still struggling other than that. chanielle came to church and should be able to get baptized, except she probably cant get baptized while her and justin are living together, even though they are just friends. so hopefully it works out, otherwise it will be very sad indeed.

yeah, it’s the two-month mark of my mission! in some ways it feels like its flown by, and other ways it feels like it hasnt! haha mama you nailed it!

yeah mom that’s a good idea to keep some candy in my pocket for the children when i have to be the circus master but i barely have enough money for my own food! haha i could give them mints and pieces of bread? ;) haha yeah i think the kids would enjoy it. it basically is third world out here so candy for the kids would be a nice touch.

quick story. the other night i started having a football distance throwing contest with this 6 foot 4 tatted up guy and it was way cool. i won haha but just barely. he was way cool and we had a good time. we will see if we can teach him. also, people out here cannot say doctrine and covenants. people always say doctrines and covenant or something weird. anthony always calls it documents and covenants. and no joke the other day he said he just got the new documents and covenants and pearl of harbor. no joke! haha funny huh? we had to gently tell him its not called the pearl of harbor haha. anyway, things are going so well! really looking forward to getting the car back! haha love you all! have a good week! sorry i was short on time again! no pics cuz not enough time. gotta get a haircut at kimmy cuts! kimmy is legit and totally listens to how you want it.

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