Monday, July 15, 2013


Wow! i really have no time today! haha but i will try and get it all out!

so this week we had another baptism! his name is Anthony Orvis. He was a referral from Tina and Dennis (Dennis the investigator). He has been coming to church for about a year and a half and had a baptismal date about a year ago, and didn’t show up to the baptism cuz he got cold feet. so we re-taught him all the lessons and now he is baptized! he was super solid!!! knows the bible very well and asks good questions! i got to baptize him, so that was awesome! definitely a very cool feeling!

Joseph made it to church this week! He struggles with remembering things, so its always nerve racking to see if he will remember, but he did! he even had shaved! it was awesome to have him there! so quote of the week also came from joseph. he has really bad back pains cuz he got electrocuted (in the summer of '71. it threw him about 30 feet. he tells us the story every time we go to visit him so i got it down haha.) so he can’t sit for long periods of time. but he said he was enjoying church so much, he just tried to not pay attention to the pain. then he says, "yeah i was married to a woman that i didn’t pay any attention to, so i am sorta used to it!" HAHAHA!! but yeah, he really enjoyed church and that’s going well!

a few other things. people’s houses are hotter than outside. so when we go to appointments, I’m literally dripping in sweat. It’s horrible. i don’t understand why people live their lives like that! that happened when we went to check up on justin and chanielle with their stop smoking program. they were both holding up ok, justin a little worse than chanielle. but i think our visit helped take their minds off of it! so that was good. sadly, with the second group of elders that just got put into saginaw, we have to go on a car rotation, so we won’t always have the car and justin and chanielle live far away! so we gotta find rides out there, unless we wanna bike to 'nam (Vietnam) and back. which wouldn’t be a problem for stevenson since he used to be a cycler back home... chanielle has a baptism date for august 3 and is looking pretty solid for that day so we are excited! still working with justin. we have a lot of other solid investigators that i sadly don’t have time to talk about. i got some nice pics of me with the car this week cuz i started driving this week haha i will send those next week.

one other investigator is named nicole and at first she was very upset we were at her house haha but we have started teaching her and she is loving it. but she has 5 daughters and the oldest one is like... 10 so they are impossible to teach with her. so when we go over there, i turn into the circus master and play with them all for like an hour haha.  we play duck duck goose and things and everyone has to cry at least 4 times cuz they wanted to be it or for various other reasons. anyways, thought that made for some interesting literature.

have a good week! love you all!

elder green

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