Monday, March 16, 2015


Parker and his companion, Elder Rhodes at their
most recent Zone Conference.
hey everyone!! not too much time this week! weather here is AWESOME. like 50 degrees all the time! but... that means that it is warm enough to be outside without your face falling off, which means that all the crazy college frat parties are starting. i mean, it is 4 o’clock on a monday afternoon and we got giant frat parties on every corner. what the heck people? cmon... 

anyway, things are good here! working hard and finding some awesome people! met a cool girl named amy this week (chinese) who doesn’t believe in God. we have been teaching her with Richard Li's help and it is going awesome. Richard, Mark, Derek, and Mauricio are all doing very well. I love those guys so much! we have been so richly blessed! 

The Gospel and Church are true. Jesus is the Christ. Following anyone but Him will not bring full happiness. He is perfect and can lead us to the fountain of living water, which ironically, is within ourselves. The world appeals to the natural man and then busily runs back and forth trying to clean up after the natural man. The Gospel teaches us how to govern ourselves. But that is not all; it teaches us why we MUST govern ourselves. Thus, orthodoxy, or the tying together of all the beautiful principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is the road to happiness, because the Gospel is really the counsel of a super-intelligent Being teaching us how to find peace and happiness in a cold universe that responds only to law. Man did not get to the moon by having every astronaut do, "his own thing." Man got to the moon by subscribing to and utilizing universal law. So too will our souls reach the Kingdom of God not by making our own laws, but by utilizing and subscribing to the laws put forth by our Universal Father. He is universal, and yet personal. He hears and answers prayers. Faith is a real power, which our Father responds to. Trust in and follow our Savior. While the world teaches us the way to satisfaction is to, "go and get," Christ teaches us that satisfaction comes from within us and cannot be replicated by outside sources. 

The world exhausts me. It is tiring. The Gospel is rejuvenating and uplifting. Repentance is the way to have the Atonement of our Lord take effect in our lives. Repent every day. 


Elder Green 

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