Monday, January 6, 2014


What a week! hope you all had a happy new year! mine was great! we did misionary work and then i went to bed at 1030! 

we had more miracles occur this week! im not even sure where to start... 

well, we did quite a bit of finding this week, which was good cuz it was like 8 degrees most of last week instead of below zero like it is this week. we picked up a few new investigators and met some really awesome people. we got a few referrals from other missionaries and from the members so we will hopefully be meeting with them soon. 

the biggest miracle of the week occurred yesterday. sue nelson, the friend of the robinson's, who has been to church quite regularly over the past few months was there again yesterday. she is such a boss, and we all felt it was only a matter of time until she wanted to be baptized. the problem has been that we really havent met with her regularly because she has been mega busy. but anyway, yesterday was obviously fast and testimony meeting. well the Spirit was strong, and people were bearing awesome testimonies. then Sue got up. and it was great. she started out by saying that she wasnt a member yet, but that she wasnt far from "taking the plunge." haha so that was awesome. she has been through a lot and bore a great testimony of how trials make us stronger. the Spirit carried right into our gospel principles class. there were about 15 minutes left in class, and things had gone great just because there are so many recent converts in there and bro hoover is an awesome teacher. so president hess's counselor, president grajewski, was there and he was sharing something that was on his mind and he was thanking sue for her testimony and he said, "sister nelson... ahh im gonna call you sister nelson even though you're not 'sister' yet officially," and sue cut him off and said, "well today i have made the decision that im going to be baptized." WHAT??!! who does that? announces her decision to be baptized in the middle of class?? SOO SICK!! that never happens!! everyone in the class started crying and stuff. so we met with sue afterward, she set her own baptismal date and we will be teaching her super fast so she can be ready for her baptismal date on the 25th of january. what a miracle!! 

like i said, there is just so much going on here! deborah's baptism is this saturday, so that will be a great day! miracles happen every day out here. grateful to be a part of it. 

faith always precedes the miracle. think about it: if you dont have faith, and something incredible happens, then you think it is just a coincidence. really think about that. how many times, when our faith has been lacking, has something remarkable happened, and we just write it off? why does God not give us miracles to build our faith? because He knows it doesnt work. He has tried that before. When we choose to have faith and then act accordingly, we see miracles. Our Heavenly Father loves us. He hears our prayers always, and KNOWS what we need more than we do. we need to have the faith to accept his will and make sure our faith is sufficient to move through the difficult times and trust in His ever-watchful eye. 

love you all! have a great week! 

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