Monday, June 17, 2013


June 17, 2013

Hi everyone!! 

things have been great here in bay city. but lets just say things arent getting any less crazy or any less ghetto haha. we had a baptism this weekend though and that was awesome! i really enjoyed that! this letter is pretty crazy, dramatic and sad so... youve been warned. 
here are some crazy things that happened this week: we met a guy who literally thought he was Jesus. the missionaries had taught him before and he stopped them and told them he was Jesus. weird huh? haha

we ran in to two burn victims. one of them was a way cool, giant guy who talked with us about religion for a while. the other was an older lady who was sort of anti-LDS, but i think we helped her out a little. she was very sweet, but had an incredibly crazy life. her parents had tried to burn her at age 5. how horrible is that? so she had a lot of questions and things.

we picked up a few new investigators this week through door knocking. one of them is an ex heroine addict and they both are ex-convicts. its just so sad to see these people who have had the most difficult lives. but it is so rewarding becuase they open up to trying and make everything better. 
our top investigators right now are the worlds cutest kids. its these 3 little black kids (Parell is a boy age 10, Icesis is a girl age 8, and Nonee is a girl age 9). they are doing so well with the discussions and are just the sweetest little kids in the world. they are all very excited to be baptized! they will hopefully be baptized on july 6. they all live with their grandma who is sort of a member of the church. she is a very nice lady. she has custody of the kids because her daughter didnt want them. one of her other daughters lives with her as well, she is 23. this daughter was talking to us forever when we were over there the other day. she has had  a horrible life too. she married a guy and had a kid really young. the guy would beat her kid and not feed him for days at a time. she prayed all the time for help and things. and finally, the guy overdosed and died. so she was free from that situation. now she lives at her mom with her own two kids. the one who was treated so poorly is about 5 and struggles a little. we had one of the most awkward experiences ever with him and the other kids. if you wanna know what it was, let me know. he isnt handicapped at all, but just has some anger problems and attention problems i think. the awkward situation came when his dad was mentioned. it was very sad.
anyways, things are going really well out here! i swear we have the greatest success everyday just talking to random people. the Lord is truly preparing people for our message and they are in our paths for a reason! we just barely talked to a guy outside the library and set up an appointment with him tomorow! he has purple hair so that was interesting. 
some of our other investigators arent progressing as much as we would like them to, so we need to instill a desire in them. we need to show them why it is so important and what the gospel can do for them personally! 
if you havent read Jesus the Christ, read it. it is really wordy and things, but it is sooo awesome! 
i dont really know what else to say... haha i love you all!! have a great week!!
Elder Green

ps i will send some pics right now! a few of them are just some examples of streets we knocked, some a from when we go out in Pinconning, this place in our area and there is just a TON OF OPEN SPACE. one is of the worlds cutest puppy. i will try and get some pics with investigators and things this week if i can! 

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