Monday, June 24, 2013


hi everyone

how about this week since i am short on time, i just give you some quick updates: (how about NO! i have waited all week and need more than that!)

1. had another baptism this week.(ok you really can't just leave it at that!!!)
2. i spoke in sacrament for our ward mission leader's son's farewell. (details please!)
3. met some more crazy people this week, ask mikey about them. (some of us can't ask mikey and even i can't cuz he is gone to st. george for basketball for four days and i'll be lucky to get a text letting me know he's alive)
4. gonna try and focus on more member based work after that broadcast.
5. we have been teaching a lot of people, especially less actives and things and it has been going really well.
6. i love it here. we are working hard and getting a lot done.
7. yes we have cell phones. some missionaries out here can play songs on the number keys, like hymns and stuff and my companion, elder Stevenson, is the mozart of the phone keys haha its funny. (now i see why he wanted a harmonica, he must be feeling left out of the band! good thing we sent it in his package and some skinny ties)

the kids we have been working with are all awesome kids! it's hard cuz lots of people don't have cars to get to church.  like this sunday, it was brent schindler’s son’s farewell, and me and his son drove to pinconning (little town a half hour away) picked up like 4 people, dropped them off at church, then picked up 2 more investigators and brought them! haha and both of us were speaking in church that day!

mom asked me what we have been eating at members’ houses umm... tacos, chicken, other stuff. it has all been reaaally good.
the food is pretty much the same here and it seems like everyone we have met is a good cook, so thats nice. when we eat out we eat at a couple fast food places here that arent in utah that are reaaaally good.

there is a wendys, tbell, and this place called rallys that we love that are close by.

i didn’t get my one-month package yet! dang, thats ok! hopefully im there when they try and deliver it or im gonna miss it!! dang!! thank you soo much though!! that is very kind!!

the weather here says every day there will be thunderstorms, but there hardly ever are. its really hot here and is reaaaaaaally humid, like worse than anywhere i have ever been! but yeah it is supposed to rain like every day haha.

i love you all and appreciate all the support so much!!!


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  1. I think I love your Comments Em, more than Parker's. Can we have the play by play every week? Love You Guys!