Monday, April 27, 2015


Todd pointed out to me that since I started the blog after Parker left the MTC that my total weeks of Parker's mission were off by 2. Rather than give into my OCD issues and go back through and correct every single post I am just adding 2 on now and going from here these final 3 and 1/2 weeks!!! But don't get me wrong, I may have to go back at some point and fix it or go crazy haha ;)

Views from the bridge.  Parker promised me he wasn't driving while taking these!

hey everyone! another great week in the soo (yes they do spell it that way here as well as sault). things have been great! elder sauer and i are getting along well and working hard!

this past week our jeep went in for repairs... so we have been on bikes.. in the snow and rain. haha its been good though! shedding some lbs i think? itll be great to have our jeep back later this week. Heavenly Father still provided means for us to get where we needed to be. 

Maria is doing well! she is so cool! we have been blessed to find many more new investigators as well. people are truly prepared to receive the gospel. they are all around us!! 

i am not sure what else to add.. we have been talking to lots of people and trying to find those that will receive us. we have been teaching more than elders have taught here in a while because God has been good to us and blessed us with people to teach. hopefully this next week we will be able to commit more people to baptism and be able to get some more people to attend Church and feel the Spirit. 
Parker and his companion, Elder Sauer with
their Zone Leaders.
Check out how tall Elder Elmer is!
The Church is true. The Gospel is simple. The Church's purpose is to get the ordinances into the lives of its members and to teach true doctrine. So why do we go to Church? To participate in an ordinance, (the sacrament) and to learn true doctrine. I am so thankful for these glorious truths. I used to take it all for granted. not anymore. Brigham Young used to say something along the lines of, "do you want to live more fully? do you want to be enlightened? do you want to find true joy and happiness? then become a Latter-Day Saint and live the gospel of God." its true isnt it? He also used to say, "The only place we can fight evil is within ourselves." i cannot fight the evil within you because i dont know what it is! i cant judge you! i hardly know you, even if we are best friends. if the whole world would only be concerned with fighting the evil within themselves, we would near approach what was said of the people of Enoch, "they were of one heart and one mind and dwelt in righteousness and there was no poor among them." who wouldnt want to live in a world like that? fight the evil within yourself. how? by yielding to the enticings of the Holy Spirit. whenever you feel something that makes your soul swell and encourages you to do good and be good, give into it! whenever you feel something that is selfish and soul shrinking, shun it! give in to the good. easier said than done, but we must do it anyway!  

Have a great week.

Elder Green 

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