Monday, October 6, 2014


Parker trying to look so smug (smudge as we call it)!
Trying to be cool in their minivan!

Two white boys from Utah in shirts and ties in their black minivan driving around Michigan

Having lunch with a sweet member from 
Wyoming, Sister Van Horn.
Parker on Trade Offs with his old Trainee, Elder Norton

hey everybody!! wasn't conference epic?? ahh I loved it!

I don't have a ton of time this week, so here are a few quick updates. we are still knocking the daylights out of south lansing and Okemos trying to find those who have been prepared to receive the gospel. lorie is doing alright. every time we meet with her it goes so well! she is just struggling to get work off long enough to come to church! she works nights as a nurse. she would have loved conference! ahhh.. oh well, we wil get her this week! kevin came to two sessions and seemed to enjoy it. he yelled out "amen!" in the middle of two talks when he liked what they said, so if that's any indication... haha he would be such a great member! Julie is doing well. she will be watching conference from her home as she was out of town this weekend. we are still trying to find new investigators! we keep finding new ones, then they get anti'd, but we just need to find some families! that is our main goal and our main prayer.

I loved conference! a few quick thoughts. the 12 and the Prophet were really stressing the importance of gaining a personal witness from the Holy Ghost that God lives, that Jesus is the Christ, and that the Book of Mormon is true. We each must do that. Listen to Uchtdorf's first talk (sat morning session) and apply what he teaches for however long it takes. please. the strength of the church is not determined by the size of its congregations, but by the strength of the testimonies of its individual members.

faith is critical. God has revealed Himself and His Son that we might have unshaken faith in them because they possess in full all of the attributes of godliness. Joseph Smith taught that unless we can count on God to be merciful, loving, forgiving, patient, and every other good thing, then we will be in constant doubt of salvation. but once we know God's character, such knowledge does away with doubt, and makes faith exceedingly strong. there is much we do not know in this world. the tides of the world are getting stronger, yet more subtle. isn't that something? they are less perceptible, yet more powerful. all you have to do to see where the world is going is walk into a mall. trust me. we did it today haha. it was not good. see the immorality and lawlessness. ask yourself, "if I live the lifestyle the world is telling me to live, where will I be in 50 years? will I be closer to God? will I be ready to meet Him? will I have self-respect? will I want my children to follow my example?" harsh questions, I know. but we each need to have our own testimony that God lives and that His commandments are for our best benefit. do whatever it takes to receive that witness from the Holy Ghost, then do whatever it takes to keep the Holy Ghost with you at all times. Believe in Christ. He is as good as the scriptures say. He will forgive you. He loves you. God loves all people. listen to elder klebingat's talk please. follow his counsel.
Just when you thought Parker was getting too serious on ya!
Parker's Trainee, Elder Norton, and Norton's new
Trainee, Elder Tubagus.

love you all! have a great week!

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